Basic Capacity Sharing Programme on Humanitarian Essentials, Humanitarian Principles, SPHERE Standards and Resource Management

In December 2022, inSights successfully conducted two batches of five days long training sessions for chosen local and national NGOs responding to the Rohingya humanitarian crisis in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, who are implementing partners of IOM Bangladesh. Basic capacity-sharing programme on humanitarian essentials, humanitarian principles, SPHERE standards and resource management in a complex humanitarian context is an initiative of IOM Bangladesh through its localisation unit in Cox’s Bazar. The trainings were intended to transfer basic knowledge on developing of Humanitarian Principles, Humanitarian Essentials, including Accountability to Affected Populations, Code of Conduct, Prevention of Sexual Abuse, Exploitation and Harrassment (PSEAH) & Protection, Monitoring & Evaluation and Complaint Feedback Mechanism, Sphere Standard for different humanitarian interventions, and Procurement, Finance and Human Resource Management best practices.

The training comprised 17 sessions conducted over the course of five full days. A total of 105 participants took part in the training, with 85 male and 20 female attendees. Two distinct courses were thoughtfully designed to cater to the specific needs of each batch of participants.