Touching Adolescents' Life Contextualised Training Module Development on Protection of Children and Adolescents in Rohingya Humanitarian Crisis

Developed set of training modules both in Bangla and English language, consists of 17 sessions on child rights, child protection, GVB, Psychosocial First Aids etc. for adolescents and adults. The manual provides a unifying tool with broad scope and standards to train and equip field level NGO community mobilisers with skills, tools and resources necessary to stimulate discussion, reflection and action at the community level with adolescents and adults in camp and host communities. The project was implemented over June to October 2021, partnering with Education and Development Foundation – Educo, the Spain-based humanitarian organisation. The key feature of the module is contextualising of learning issues and methods considering Rohingya children and adolescents’ capacity of learning and adopting new social issues, Sociocultural context of Rohingya communities, Practical examples and situational cognition, and Physical facilities and challenges of conducting trainings in Camps environments.