The Formulation of Communication Strategy and Staff Capacity Building Targeting the Promotion of SHED Image among Target Audience

The project was successfully completed in June 2022, aiming to strengthen the Society for Health Extension and Development's (SHED) reputation and communication efforts. The primary objective was to develop a comprehensive communication strategy and policy that targeted key stakeholders, donors, and the general public in both Bangla and English languages.

The project encompassed the formulation of an integrated communication strategy, incorporating various tools and techniques to effectively communicate SHED's mission, achievements, and goals. Special emphasis was placed on digital media platforms to expand the organization's outreach and presence.

To ensure successful implementation, the project also involved conducting training sessions for 20 SHED staff members. The training focused on equipping the staff with the necessary skills and guidelines to apply the communication strategy during promotional events and activities in Cox’s Bazar.

Overall, "Building SHED's Image" stands as a milestone in SHED's journey, equipping the organization with the means to foster fruitful relationships with stakeholders, donors, and the public while reinforcing its positive impact on health extension and development.